Leading in tough times requires strong Focus, Accountability and Teamwork

 Give your leaders the skills they need to succeed.

Webinar Series: Leading in Changing Times

Our leadership team loves the Webinar Series! We look forward to every session. I’m seeing positive changes in attitudes and behavior, including my own! Can’t wait for next month!
— Judith Gilihur, CFO, TX

Learning Objectives

Session I
Eliminate Blame, Complaining and Procrastination and Victim Thinking
Inspire a Culture of Personal Accountability  

Session 2
Stay Focused and Prioritize Workload 

Session 3
Address Performance Issues and Coach Team Members
Demonstrate How To Hire Tough and Retain the Right People 

Our favorite things about the sessions is the interaction. We learn so much from each other, and from other leaders all across the country!
— Ken Brown, V.P., KS

Session 4
Use Constructive Feedback as a Learning Tool
Define Why Integrity is the Foundation of Trust
Move Positively Through Change 

Session 5
Accept Responsibility for Time Management
Keep Team Members Motivated
Develop Action Items that will Impact Leadership Legacy